Top 10 Reasons to Try CoolSculpting

Black-BikinWhen it comes to our bodies, there are always those pesky problem spots that we see before every other good quality when we look in the mirror. Try as we might, no amount of squats, sit ups or pushups can make these areas of excess fat go away. While many have resorted to painful and costly surgical techniques to correct the problem, the results are often not what they hoped for and the downtime is lengthy. Fortunately, one of the most popular new fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting, is helping people all over the country to blast those stubborn fat spots away for good.

This non-surgical procedure works by using a controlled cooling system to get rid of the fat cells that remain in spite of a healthy diet and exercise routine. The great thing is that there is no downtime and the results are easy to see.

If you are on the fence about CoolSculpting, here are 10 reasons you should give it a try!

1. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shapewear

Women (and even men) go to uncomfortable lengths to make their silhouette slimmer in tight fitting clothing. Those who have ever indulged in this trend know the discomfort of wiggling in and out of shapewear and the pure horror of anyone finding out that you are wearing these rather unattractive modern day versions of the corset under your clothing. You can literally find these to cover your entire body – lift your butt, pull in your love handles, slim your thighs…but what it really equates to is a great night ruined by the discomfort of shifting shapewear. Say goodbye to these uncomfortable garments forever with these great CoolSculpting results.

2. Feel confident at the pool

SunglassesCue the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” song! Don’t be ‘afraid to come out of the water’ this season. CoolSculpting helps you get that shape you have always wanted. Nothing can put a damper on the day faster than feeling self-conscious at the beach or pool. Well…the only thing worse may be seeing the swimsuit photos show up on Facebook the next day – gasp! Proudly strut your stuff and pose for photos, with CoolSculpting you will be happy to show off your tighter figure.

3. Enjoy looking in the mirror

Can you imagine actually smiling in satisfaction at your reflection in the mirror? Let’s face it, you only have one body and it’s a shame that many of us spend so much time dissecting our appearances when we glance at ourselves. Have you even stopped looking in the mirror on your way out the door? Get ready to gawk in all those mirrors you have passed up! With CoolSculpting you lose inches and gain confidence!

4. Have fun jean shopping

Jean shopping is on par with bathing suit shopping…those brightly lit dressing room and skinny mirrors can be awfully deceiving. Jean shopping often leads to the begging and pleading that you have with yourself when you try to get in those pants that are stubbornly one size too small. Get ready to get back in your old jeans once you get rid of that extra fat around your hips and thighs.

5. Stop hiding those arms in sleeves

WomenWe all know the dreaded feeling. You go to wave to someone and you feel your entire upper arm flapping in the breeze. Unfortunately, it happens! No matter how hard you work your biceps and triceps at the gym, cut out carbs and go crazy with the cardio there are some stubborn areas that simply hold on to fat and make it impossible to get the silhouette we so badly desire. With CoolSculpting you can stop hiding behind long sleeves and get ready to break out the t-shirts and tank tops.

6. You want results without surgery

Cosmetic surgery requires a lot of commitment. Not only is it expensive, but going under the knife is traumatic for your body and as a result, it takes a while for you to heal. If you want results without surgery, CoolSculpting is the perfect alternative to liposuction. Many surgical procedures can actually damage the skin and tissue surrounding the incision and can lead to pain and trouble healing. With this treatment, you won’t have to deal with this unwanted side effect.

7. The term ‘muffin top’ is used to describe your shape

Are you sick of hearing the terms ‘muffin top’ or ‘love handles?’ These cutesy words may sugar coat the issue but if you want to eliminate them from your self-describing vocabulary it’s time to take action. By freezing the fat cells in these problems spots, they die and as a result with several treatments you will begin to lose those that muffin top shape. Jeans were meant to hug your hips, not squeeze your body so hard that your skin and extra fat come over the top. Get ready to wear skinny jeans with confidence.

8. Look great naked

Who doesn’t want to look great naked? At any age, we still desire to look good in our ‘birthday suits.’ By eliminating the excess fat, we can get that shape we have always wanted. Skin looks smoother and you will feel more comfortable sans clothing than ever.

9. Stop obsessing over problems areas at the gym

Are you sick and tired of targeting those same stubborn fat areas over and over again without seeing results? Sometimes there is just no way to get rid of stubborn fat without assistance. CoolSculpting is especially effective for those who do eat well and exercise frequently. Over the weeks following treatment, the fat cells naturally are eliminated from the body and you will begin to see your great long lasting results!

10. You are sick of riding the fad diet wave

While CoolSculpting is not a treatment for weight loss, it is successful for fat reduction. There are many ridiculous pills and unhealthy meal plans that promise to help you rid fat from your body but often the results are negligible or worse yet, unhealthy. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared process that won’t damage your body or cause problems in the long run. You simply will have excess fat cells flushed from your body.



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