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Arizona Aesthetics - 15% Minoxidil Hair Growth Serum

Arizona Aesthetics’ 15% Minoxidil proprietary blend has been specifically designed to inhibit DHT and regrow hair for men when all other Minoxidil strengths have failed.  This product should not be used by women.



Arizona Aesthetics’ 15% Minoxidil Hair Growth Serum has the highest concentration of Minoxidil that we offer.  It contains ingredients known to inhibit DHT, increase cell regeneration, decrease bacteria and fungus, and significantly volumize hair density and thickness.

This product is also enhanced with Retinol for increased absorption and penetration of active ingredients into the scalp.  It is only recommended for men and after all other Minoxidil strengths have failed to regrow hair.

This particular product is not designed for women.  Women should not use this product on their scalp.

DIRECTIONS:  Apply serum to the affected area and massage scalp until absorbed.  Leave on over night and wash out the following morning.  Should irritation occur, reduce use to every 48-72 hours.